Ryan Ravanpak. Ph.D. Candidate.

Teaching Materials | Bioethics.

Below you can find the teaching materials I have created for Bioethics at MIT. The aim of these lesson plans and worksheets are to provide examples of effective active learning teaching strategies and to show teaching assistants at MIT (especially those new to the role).

Corresponding Syllabus | Bioethics - 24.06J | STS 006J

Week 1: Why Study Bioethics?

Week 2: The History of Bioethics | General Principles of Philosophy

Week 3-4: Informed Consent

Week 5: Abortion Rights and Contraception Part 1

Week 6: Abortion Rights and Contraception Part 2 | Writing Philosophy Papers

Week 7: Enhancement vs. Therapy

Week 8: Eugenics

Week 9: Disability Rights

Week 10: Animal Rights

Week 11: The Ethics of Clinical Trials

Week 12: Health as a Public Good Part I

Week 13: Health as a Public Good Part II | Money and Medicine Part I

Week 14-15: COVID Part I | COVID PART II [No Handout Available]