Ryan Ravanpak. Ph.D. Candidate

Teaching Materials | Ethics of Technology

Below you can find the teaching materials I have created for Experiential Ethics (Ethics of Technology) at MIT. This course is piloted in conjunction with the MIT Office of Experiential Learning. The aim of these lesson plans and worksheets are to provide examples of effective active learning and teaching strategies.

Corresponding Syllabus | Experiential Ethics (Ethics of Technology) | 24.133

Week 1 - Introductions [No Handout Available]

Week 2 - Ethical Lenses and Applied Ethics of Engineering

Week 3 - Integrity and Moral Responsibility within the Empirical Sciences

Week 4 - Science, Technology, Social Injustice, and Inequality

Week 5 - Do Artifacts Have Politics?

Week 6 - Running an Ethics Protocol

Week 7 - Evaluating a Case Study From the SERC

Week 8 - Ethics at MIT

Week 9 / 10 - Final Project Work-Shopping [No Handout Available]