Ryan Ravanpak | PhD

Phillips Academy at Andover
MIT Department of Philosophy

In Fall 2023 - Spring 2024, I am the instructor for the following courses: (1) Ethics of Technology, and (2) Ethics of Medicine, (3) Existentialism, and (4) Views of Human Nature.

During Summer, 2024, I was on the instructional staff for a program in Intelligence, Data, Ethics, and Society at the Ethics Institute of Northeastern University. In Spring, 2022, I was the Ethical Thinking Instructor for an engineering course on climate and sustainability within the MIT Department of New Engineering Education Transformation (NEET). In Summer 2021, I served as an Ethics of Technology Teaching Fellow in a program piloted by the Office of Experiential Learning at MIT. In 2020-2021, I held a Teaching Development Fellow in the MIT Teaching & Learning Laboratory.

As a Teaching Development Fellow, I've collaborated with an interdisciplinary team of educators across disciplines at MIT in order support the development of pedagogical resources within the MIT institution and the MIT Department of Philosophy. I developed a system for graduate students to solicit feedback from faculty members and their peers on their teaching and to expose them to a variety of effective and distinctive teaching styles. I've created lesson outlines and class worksheets for Bioethics, Ethics of Technology, and Philosophy and the Arts. I have also organized teaching events for first-time teaching assistants on subjects pertaining to effective teaching, grading student work, and creating a warm and inclusive space for undergraduate students.

In addition to teaching at MIT and Phillips Academy, I also have exposure with teaching high-achieving students at the middle school and high school level within a program at Seattle University in Washington piloted by Johns Hopkins University. A list of courses that I have teaching experience in can be found on my CV.

I have also served as a Graduate Student Representative in the MIT Department of Philosophy. This has included administrative and support responsibilities involving graduate student teaching.